After-sales Support


In this fast-paced world, items such as USB Flash Disk (pen-drives) and External Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are common in almost every household. CITS also offers the sale of computer-related items (hardware), and also repair-services of computers which are already beyond the warranty period. Rest assured that CITS only uses genuine replacement parts from the manufacture to replace the faulty ones.

Some of our repair services are as such:

LCD / LED screen replacement for laptops
Graphic card repair for laptops
Motherboard repair for laptops
Keyboard replacement for laptops

CITS takes pride in delivering your computer unit back to you in a pristine condition, rest assured that we do not practice theft or parts replacement on your unit, and we will always return the original replaced-parts back to the owner once the job is done. If you believe that your parts might have been replaced with a non-genuine unit, or if you have a feedback regarding our service, please drop us an email to: to lodge a complaint and we will get it sorted out immediately.


CITS also offers data recovery services on your computer or storage devices. Data recovery services are required when you have a Hard Disk or USB Flash Disk failure, which you would require the data or files inside your hard disk to be extracted out from a faulty storage unit.

Unlike most computer shops that offer such service, CITS uses only forensically-sound tools to recover your data to ensure a higher chance of recovering your data, as well as to ensure its integrity.

Here in CITS, we advise everyone to constantly back-up your files to ensure that you wouldn’t need to go through the hassle and stressful situation of worrying about potentially losing the contents of your data. Invest multiple backup solutions (e.g. USB Flash Disk, or External HDD) and always ensure that the backup solution is being back-up again as well.