It's no secret that senior citizens have typically been slow to use new technologies, including social media and computers. Their hesitation to go digital, or to embrace the digital world is because of their lack of understanding towards IT and Computers. Tablets like the Apple iPad are an excellent example of mobile devices that are enabling older people to access and explore the web in new ways. But how many baby boomers actually know how to use an iPad or operate a computer well?

Well, good news. For those who are embracing or new to the digital world, CITS offers courses on how to operate a computer, from the basic go-about for the Microsoft Windows operating system, to using the Microsoft Office suite in their daily lives, to a more complex solution in connecting and managing multiple devices at home, CITS would empower one to learn more about the digital world and adapt to the fast-growing pace of this era to ensure that you do not get left behind.


As the world is moving towards globalization and smart-phones and laptops are no longer an unusual sight for almost every children and students, CITS offers computer classes to each the young and old about how to maximize the potential of your computer, as well as provide tips and tricks on using everyday applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With sufficient knowledge and adequate skills in using the Microsoft Office suite, everyone could write professional-looking documents, or perform basic calculations and create presentation slides for their assignment, or work-related presentation. Completing an assignment or creating a simple invoice for your small business would no longer be a problem.