IT Outsourcing


CITS manages the IT Infrastructure of many SMEs in Malaysia. One of the major challenges cited by IT department heads when it comes to managing IT security is not just the growing sophistication and frequency of threats but also the fact that employees do not adhere to policies – data loss and processes that lead to malware issues are purely accidental or due to sheer ignorance

Companies often do not even have security policies in place, and are typically very reactive when it comes to dealing with incidents or managing security issues. If companies do have policies in place then employees are usually not aware of them, or communication of the policy is so ineffective that it is ignored.

With a proper infrastructure setup, CITS greatly enhanced the robustness and security of our client’s IT environment, allowing our clients to be more aware of how they are able to protect their digital data and information, as well as reducing the risk of experiencing a malware or phishing attack to one’s computer. This would also lead to a more secured, reliable and safe computing environment which everyone is able to benefit from.


CITS also offers house-call services to your homes should you require IT-support assistance on your home computer. Be it purchasing a new computer and delivering it to your premise, or installing a new printer, or configuring a home network to link or share multiple devices, or even the basic and most common computer-format services, CITS is at your service – all at the comfort, privacy and security of your own home.